Monday, May 6, 2013

Summer Shedded

Well it's about that time rt? When everyone wants to look good for summer. They have waited all winter for this moment to get shredded for summer. Everyone wants to lose the extra weight they have gained during the winter. I don't know why people wait. Get after it day in and day out!

With that being said I believe the best way to accomplish this is my doing some circuit training and HIIT training.

For the circuit training you could go heavy our light depending on what you want out if it. If you were going heavy just give your self a bit more rest. You can pick 8 exercises with a push/pull combo or upper/lower. For a lean look shoot for 12 reps and muscular shoot for no more than 8 reps. Keep your rest period short and just move! After each circuit rest no more than 1 min. Get after it!

Now as for the HIIT make sure you are doing sprints, hill work, or even Burpees. You can add some core work on this day of you would like comes down to preference I guess. Keep the HITT short no more than 30 min. In and out! As for core work pick 3-4 core exercises plank, knee tucks, Russian twist, and v ups for example and use them in a circuit as well. Hold the plank for 30-60 seconds, 15-20 knee tucks, 15 each side for the twist, and 10-15 v-ups. Keep the rest period short once again and just move!

These are just some small ideas you can use to help jump start your program. You have to want it don't wait for it! Train to live.


Monday, December 31, 2012

Goal Setting for the New Year.

Well, here we go again! It's about this time when all the New Year's resolution BS starts going around. I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that. Well, why has it taken this long or better yet WHY are you waiting for this one day out of the year to have this new era for yourself? YOU have the power and choice to make the change any day of the year! You have to set goals for yourself and not just on this one day out of the year! If life is a journey, how will you get there without an itinerary? Here is my top ten list for goal setting. 1. First and foremost decide what YOU want to accomplish. YOU choose, don't let others choose for you. 2. Start with small goals first. Create a set of small goals and set a time table on accomplishing these goals. For example: "I will loose 10 pounds by March 1, 2013. "I will run 5 miles non stop by March 1, 2013." I will allow myself 2 glasses of wine per week." 3. Be and stay positive. Instead of saying "I am not going to miss my workout today," say "I will make time for at least a 20 min workout." Also, instead of saying "I'm fat" say "I will be healthier" or "I can't get lean" say "I will up the intensity of my workouts." 4. Don't give into fear. Your fear is what holds a lot of people back. It might be that your afraid of what friends or co workers might say. I say screw them! They suck! Don't let anyone hold you back or let the fear hold you back from your goals. That's why the goal is your's not your friends or co workers. Everyone has fears to overcome no matter who they are and if they don't they are lying to you. Surround yourself with positive people in your life! Don't get sucked into negativity! "Fear leads to the dark side."-Yoda 5. Write your goals down and post them up! Heck, even keep your goals on you at all times. Some place where you will see your goal or goals everyday. You don't have to let anyone know your goals. Just make sure you know your goals. 6. Make sure and confirm your goals and that you are on the right path. Am I making the right choices? Making my workouts, eating healthier, saving money, being a better husband/wife, or whatever it may be. 7. Stop putting your goals off. Set a schedule and date and make the time for your goal or goals. Reward yourself for reaching your goals. Make it happen! Now is the time! Why wait? 8.It's ok to think big! Take on the challenge head on and like the challenge! Allow yourself to think great thoughts! Once again be POSITIVE! 9. Every now and then go over your progress. What's holding you back? Stay on the path and don't let anything get in the way of your progress. 10. Have a purpose for your goal. Why are doing what your doing? What is pushing you towards your goal? Why now? Make goals that are relevant to you. Make sure to set new goals once you knock one down. Always be moving forward and never look back! Good luck to all in the this New Year!! I hope everyone reaches for the moon! Be positive this new year and look forward to the new you! I know for me I want to compete in a spartan race later this year and I'm looking forward towards the training that comes along with competing in a spartan race! Take on the challenge! Train to live AJ

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday's soon to be over

With all the food circling the holidays it's hard to stay on track. I know I had my fair share of cheat meals. Right now is when you have to crank up the intensity even more! Get your diet back on track ASAP! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water along with eating clean.

You can't loose focus during the holiday season. Keep your goal or goals in mind and dig deep through your workouts and find that extra gear or push.

I know I will be cranking out some intense sessions the next few days and I hope you will do the same! You can always push yourself a little harder than you think.

So, get you butt moving into high gear and start the new year off right with a higher intensity level. You have to really get after your workouts. Try and keep your rest periods short and rest only when needed. This will keep your heart rate up during your workout sessions. Don't e afraid to mix in a little HIIT (high intensity interval training) on your off days.

An example might be the stair mill: 20 min 1 min easy and 1 min all out after a warm up. You can also do this for any type of cardio equipment.

Other example might be adding some sprints, prowler push/pulls, and sled dragging to the end of your workouts.

Well, I hope every one enjoyed the holiday season! Time to get back to work!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I don't have enough time....

I don't have enough time. I call total BS on this!! I can't tell you how many times I have heard this from people wanting to start training or trying to be consistent with a workout plan. But, for some reason people have enough time to watch 20 hrs of shows on their DVR but, can't find at least 3 hours a week to work out! It just blows my mind and year after year and pound after pound they can't find the time.  Taking care of you body and eating right should be a high priority.

I know plenty of people who get up early just to bust their butts to get their workout in for the day. All have full time jobs, house to run, and kids. NO EXCUSES! That's their mindset and the same has to go to you as well if you want to reach your fitness goals.

Well, I have no gym to use AJ or I don't know what to do. I know plenty of gyms or warehouse gyms like mine. As far as not knowing what to do, ASK! Find a trainer, a good workout program, and be consistent with it.  People want instant results. Well, I'm sorry to break the news to you, there is no instant results, magic pill, supplement, or fad diet. What it comes down to is you making the choice to commit and clean up your diet and eat real food. It's going to take a lot of hard work, dedication, and you making the right choices when it comes to cooking in the kitchen.

Even if you don't have a gym to go to or weights at home, which is also an excuse, you can still train at home with body weight movements. When your watching one of the 20 plus shows you have recorded hit up some push ups, air squats, and an core movement. Do something! Get up and move around!

In today's world excuses are a dime a dozen. I have heard them all. But, YOU have to make that choice to commit or you will never reach your fitness goals. Plane and simple.

The same goes for people wanting to add muscle or even athletes preparing for a sport. YOU HAVE TO PUT THE WORK IN! You can't start a program and stop two weeks in then take a week or two off.  You have to commit yourself in the weight room and in the kitchen. You have to feed the machine the right way with the right foods. I'll talk about meals and making the right choices in a post to come.

What I want you to come away with is that YOU have the power to make the change! YOU have to make the time for your training. That could mean overall health, sport, muscle gain, wanting to lean up, or what ever it may be. At the end of the day YOU are in control. So, make the time, I know there is plenty in the week.

Train to Live


Monday, December 17, 2012

Tools to make you stonger

What's going on!? I hope everyone is getting after their training programs this week! I just want to talk a little bit about the different types of tools used in my gym. At Warrior Fitness we use many different varieties of objects to add muscle and get ripped at the same time. Some of the different tools we use are: Barbell, Dumbbells, Kettle bells, sandbags, kegs, heavy ropes, climbing ropes, sledge hammers, and tires. Each one of these can help you train like a beast! One of my favorite pieces to use is a sandbag. The main reason is that you can take it anywhere and get a killer workout. Just pop that bad boy in your ride and head to your local park! I use Brute Force sandbags, which I think are hands down the best! We have a link on our website If you have not tried training with a sandbag I highly suggest you start. Some of my best workouts I have done where using a sandbag. Load it up with 50lb, 75lbs, 100lbs, or if your a beast 150lbs! Basically, get out of your comfort zone and start lifting different objects. If you don't have a sandbag, make one. Real simple, go to your local Lowe's or hardware store and grab 50'lbs of pea gravel and 50lbs of play sand. Then, pick up some heavy duty contractor bags. First part is done. Now, take an old duffle bag or go to your local military surplus store. They usually have some for sure. Your gonna fill up one contractor bag with a half and half mixture. Roll it up like a log but, keep it a little loose. Take that bag and stick it in another contractor bag and do the same. Once you have done that drop it into a the duffle bag and now your ready to roll! If thats too much for you just buy a great product from Brute Force. So, once your ready to go hit up this sandbag upper body complex: You can choose your own rep scheme I went with 5 rounds with 5 reps on each exercise. 1a) sandbag alternate shouldering-transfer the bag up overhead from shoulder to shoulder. 2a)alternate sandbag squats-5 reps on the right,5 reps on the left 3a)push press- 5 reps Here is a full body sandbag complex: 1a)Power clean 5 reps 2a)Sandbag deadlift 5 reps 3a)sandbag row 5 reps 4a)sandbag push press 5 reps 5a)sandbag back squat 5 reps Get after it and get stronger!! Train to live Aj

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Squat to boost muscle gain

Hey! Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Tomorrow is the start of a new week and for most i assume back to the gym and hitting up a chest day workout. Right? Everyone knows Monday's are international chest day!lol

Well, we all know how crowded the global benches are on a Monday so, I ask you to be a RENEGADE! Get out of your comfort zone of training your chest on Monday and hit up some SQUATS!

You can use low reps or high reps, light weight or heavy weight. You can use sandbags, kettlebells, dumbells, or of course a barbell. Any one of these on are great for packing on and building muscle.

Nothing beats heavy squats for helping your entire body gain muscle and shed fat. Also, this will help you speed up your metabolism as well.

When I talk about squats, I'm not talking about a 1/4 squat. I'm talking about getting your butt low and using a lot of muscle's in the process to push that heavy weight back up.  Your using your hips, hamstrings, quads, low back, and even your lats. So, make sure your hitting a REAL squat and get the full benefit of what the squat can do to help you pack on muscle and shed fat at the same time.

Today I will be knocking out some squats with a high rep scheme with up to 60 sec rest in between.  I know my legs will be feeling good tomorrow!

Before I go, if you want to try something different try loading up a heavy sandbag and place it on your back.  You wanna try and get a least 20 reps. Walk 10 feet with the sandbag and knock out 2 reps than repeat that until you hit your rep scheme. Have fun and get after it!

Train to live


Friday, December 14, 2012

Deload part 2

Hey guys! Just wanna talk a little more about your deload week. In my opinion I believe it is crucial to have a deload week. I use to hammer away at training phases that lasted 6-8 weeks without a break! Man trust me did I learn my lesson. Those are some of the bad habits I had when I first started training. I was not listening to my body they way I should. Ill be the first one to admit it. Not that I thought I was going to get any bigger or stronger. That's just they way I learned to train years back.

Long story short I injured myself by not listening to my body. Dumb!! I should know better, trust me. I was more mad at myself than anything. Well, you learn from your mistakes. I got healthy and started to incorporate more deload weeks into my training phases.

Heck! What do you know, I'm training harder than ever and seeing great results!

So, you might ask what's a deload week? Well, it's a week to give your body a break from the beat down you have been putting yourself through the last 3 weeks. See, I typically go 3 weeks on then a deload week. You wanna give your body a much needed rest and recover to be ready for your next phase of training.

Here is what you want from your deload week:
*you don't want to go to failure on any of your lifts
*no strenuous conditioning sessions
*no heavy lifting of the spine, examples:squats, deads, or weights over 65-70% maxed used on though's lifts.

An example workout in went through today looked like this:

Body weight squats 4x sub max
Band pull part 4x 20
Walking lunges 3x20 each leg
Push ups 3x sub max with different hand positions.
Hanging leg raises 3x15
I kept my rest at about 60 secs.

I kept this real short and sweet. I will be ready to start my new phase here on Sunday. I'm looking forward to crushing it! My body is ready to go!

One more thing before I go. Along with the workout above other great ideas for a deload include a game of pick up basketball, swimming, some ultimate frisbee, and even some walking and light jogging. You don't need to take the week off. Get out and move!

Train to live